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KMF provide the complete manufacturing solution, we can control the process lead time of all of our operations allowing the confidence to offer our customers reduced lead times.

Deburring / graining

With an investment of over £200,000 KMF have installed the complete deburring / graining solution. With these machines we are able to offer any specified material finish. We are able to deburr pre-coated material including Zintec and Galvanised Steel. Previous methods were very time consuming and costly to process. These machines have the capability of removing the burrs with no detriment to the surface finish, presenting consistent burr free components.


With eight Haeger inserting machines available KMF consistently fit over 200,000 inserts per month. To improve our product quality each machine has an integrated counting facility to aid the operator in producing quality components consistently. For more complex parts a visual display can be used to set the sequence of the fasteners to be inserted, allowing the operator to follow the process in a simple graphical format. Lead time is reduced by utilising the Direct Line Feed (DLF) system supplied by TR Fastenings (TR). This works on a two-bin replenishment system and is fully serviced by TR. On site we have a total of three locations one of which is in the inserting department. There are over 250 lines of industry standard fasteners available as required.

Tox Locking

With the aid of our two Pressotechnik Tox machines we have an alternative option of joining two pieces of metal together. The tox operation is an innovative approach and helps to improve product quality.

The advantages of Toxing include:

  • Clean operation
  • No follow on process
  • A secure guaranteed joint
  • No damage to surface finish