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EM Integration / Assembly

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KMF provide a complete contract manufacturing solution allowing manufacturers and OEM's to concentrate on their core business activities.


KMF have a dedicated integration facility to meet the requirement for fully configured turnkey solutions or to a level of integration the customer considers feasible.

Integration Business Units (IBU))

KMF dedicate IBU's for each customer and their products in order to provide the very best cost effective manufacturing solution.

New Product Introduction (NPI))

KMF deliver the customer product using a dedicated NPI team whether it be for an initial design concept or existing products through design and development.


A seamless transition with no interruption in supply is often sighted as the one single area where customer expectations are not delivered. KMF dedicate a customer focused project manager to liaise with the customers team to ensure smooth transition including supply chain priming, prototyping and production of customer products delivered on time and to agreed budgets.

Why Contract Manufacture

  • Allows customers to focus on their core competencies
  • Reduced investment in capital equipment and personnel
  • Reduced unit cost with improved margin
  • Flexibility of supply / kanban stocking
  • Supply chain management and reduced inventory

Support Services

  • Rapid prototyping cell manufacture
  • Full electro-mechanical and electronic engineering support
  • Software development and database design
  • Bespoke functional test fixture design
  • Comprehensive project management