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Our vision to consistently invest in the very latest technology has put KMF at the forefront of manufacturing. In order to sustain our drive to increase our competitive advantage, emphasis is made to automate the process where possible.

Using Trumpf CNC punching machines, KMF can offer high accuracy, high speed and competitively priced parts.
KMF's punching facility consists of: Four TruPunch 5000's, a TruMatic 6000 Combination Punch/Laser. Efficiency on all but one TruPunch 5000 has been increased by links to our Flexible Manufacturing Cell (FMC).

Stopa storage towers feed the machines, each tower being capable of storing 90 tonnes of a range of raw sheet steel ready to be processed into the FMC. The automated components within the cell enable a 60% increase in efficiencies compared to a conventional manual punching machine system.

Features of the TruPunch 5000 machines:

  • Sheet Master: Automated loading and unloading
  • Grip Master: Removal of sheet skeletons
  • Sort Master pallet: Part pick & sort blanks
  • Tool Master: Tool magazine with 40 additional tool locations

Features of the TruPunch 5000 (large format) machine:

  • All the features of the Trumpf 5000 machines with the addition of:
  • Shear Master scrap handling system (the first of its kind to be installed in the UK)
  • Sheet capacity of 3000mm by 1500mm
  • Tool Master: Tool magazine with 70 additional tool locations

Technical capabilities:

  • Material thickness: 0.5mm up to 6mm
  • Accuracy: Punching accuracy of 0.02mm
  • Materials: CR4 (Mild steel) / Zintec / Galvanised steel / Aluminium / Stainless steel / Copper / Brass / Pre-coated steel (Plastisol)
  • Features: Embossing / Ribbing / Part No. Stamping / Forming / Countersinks / Thread forming
  • Punching acceleration rate up to 1200 hits / min.
  • With the addded flexibility of a TruMatic 6000 combination machine:
  • Material thickness: Up to a maxmium of 8mm mild steel, 6mm stainless steel and 6mm aluminium and maxmium Sheet size: 3000mm x 1500mm.