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With Apprentices at the heart of KMF's business, the company has always been proud of the fact that one of their Apprentices has had a place on the Industry Apprentice Council, (IAC) since it was launched.

The IAC was set up in the February of 2013 and consisted of 14 Apprentices, aged 18 to 24 years old, from companies including: Airbus, BAE Systems, Caunton Engineering, DAF Trucks, Ford Dealerships, Ford GB, MBDA, National Grid, Nestlé, Vauxhall and KMF.

Their mission was to meet regularly to discuss the latest reviews and reports, challenge government proposal and issues affecting the vocational pathway. The main focus for the group was to promote Apprenticeships to school pupils, as early on it was established from the group's own experience that careers advice around Apprenticeships was poor.

In order to understand the views of Apprentices throughout the UK, the group launched a national survey to help shape future campaigns and direct discussions with government and education organisations. They also wanted to ascertain that their preconception of careers advice in schools was accurate. The findings showed that only 23% of the respondents were happy with the level of guidance they received in school or college and for 62% Higher Education was promoted as the number one pathway.

Recently, the IAC have carried out another national survey to ascertain if the views of Apprentices have changed and also if the view of an Apprenticeship has changed and is now seen in a more positive light. The results can be seen here:

In the current economic climate, Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to earn whilst they learn. This vocational route does not have to be an alternative to University, many employers offer their Apprentices the chance to go to University and it is the employer that foots the bill instead of the individual learner.

Apprenticeships are an asset to the economy, good for the Apprentice and good for business. To have young inspiring individuals within the business gives KMF the leading edge and allows them to offer a more diverse service to their customers.

For KMF Apprentices Sam Dutton and Hayden Williamson, to have the opportunity to travel to London on a quarterly basis and speak to MPs and business leaders about Apprenticeships is an experience that adds to their overall development, they are learning valuable life-skills that enhance their overall experience of an Apprenticeship.

IAC in front of HOP