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Exciting Weeks for KMF

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Exciting weeks for KMF, as the new cohort of Apprentices are welcomed into the business.

Continued growth is forecasted at KMF and in order to effectively meet the needs of this expanding business, Apprenticeships are definitely the right solution.

The company has been recruiting Apprentices for over thirteen years now and their successful in-house Apprenticeship program continues to produce individuals who can satisfy the ever-demanding needs of the supply chain in which KMF operates.

As a leading UK subcontractor of Sheet Metal Fabrication the environment is fast-paced and rapidly changing as new technology is introduced to keep up with the pace and excel to meet the evolving needs of its' customers.

This year, the company has recruited nine Engineering and two Business Administration Apprentices. This is a record number for KMF, however as future plans include significant growth, the intake of Apprentices has increased to meet the projected needs of the business. At KMF, Apprentices are recruited with a long-term plan in place, at the end of the four-year Advanced Apprenticeship individuals either develop further within the business or take up the opportunity of studying for their foundation degree. Whichever route they decide to take, the end result is full-time employment and a fruitful career.

Each year the required number of new Apprentices varies, however it is expected, moving forward the company will recruit a similar number year on year to sustain future growth.

New Apprentice - James
New Apprentices