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In today's world, we face many and varied challenges that impact on the sustainability of society at large. These include climate change, resource depletion, poverty and the abuse of human rights.

KMF have developed a Model which as our management principle aims to balance the interests of four classes of stakeholders — customers, suppliers, employees and society — fulfilling our responsibilities towards them. This Model requires us to contribute to the sustainable growth of societies, by conducting socially responsible business operations.

Accordingly, we are committed to enhancing our value chain management to reduce environmental impacts, preserve natural resources, address the abuse of human rights and contribute to communities.

Operational in 2 countries and with an employee base of over 380 people encompassing a variety of nationalities, we ensure that our diverse workforce observes the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility to make a real difference in the development of sustainable society.

KMF have recently become registered on the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) Sustainability Index, and can now confirm that we have an excellent rating within the system. Attached is our certificate, number: 100667.

KMF shall follow the guidance of ISO26000 and implement policies and procedures that will demonstrate our contribution to the company's sustainable development, and the continual promotion of common understanding with all of our stakeholders in the field of Social Responsibility.